Great year for TFB!

27th Dec 2017, 19:32

Dear TFB subscribers,

Please, let us take this opportunity to thank you again for a long-term favor and the loyalty you have been showing. As every year, we would like to glance back briefly in the following lines.

In 2017, we have placed 130 bets with the total yield of 14.63%! Last year was by far the best  season we ever had in last five years. We are in green numbers and we can be happy with the numbers reached.

The season of 2017 was dominated by Roger Federer who has won 2 grandslam titles. Generally said, there has unfortunately not been too many surprising results and all major titles were conquered by the favourites (Federer and Nadal). This is not a good news for both tennis backers and fans as all seems to be going a clear way with quite a few surprising results. We hope that the next year will be better and that we´ll continue the way we´ve started.

With Best Wishes,

TFB Team

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