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Time 18th May 2007
Event Salerni-Kloesel (Fes)
Tip 1
Office Pinnacle
Units 4
Odds 1.877
Result 2:1
Outcome 3.508

Head-to-head record: 1:0

Argentinian Emilia Salerni has been playing mainly on ITF circuit this year but her results were pretty good. Her YTD balance is 23-9 and she is showing really good tennis here in Marocco. She came through qualifiers and destroyed first-seeded Sania Mirza in the first round. She is a typical Argentinian who loves playing on clay. When compared to her next opponent (German Sandra Kloesel), Salerni has much better movement on the baseline, she is much quicker and self-confidence should be also on her side. German´s balance this year is 7-10 and her 2 wins in Fes aren´t big signs od improvement since she defeated Salami and injured Kremer. We saw her last week when she lost to Gajdosova and she played really bad. Salerni should be the big favourite and odds above 1.8 are worth taking for sure.

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