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Time 14th May 2007
Event Aldi-Healey (San Remo)
Tip 1
Office 5Dimes
Units 3
Odds 1.909
Result 2:1
Outcome 2.727

Head-to-head record 0:0

Italian Francesco Aldi is currently on his way back after recovering from shoulder injury. Last year was really disastrous for him with record 7-17. He was totally out of form but when he came back in March 07, he won the very first tournament he played and showed that his lost self confidence is coming back. He is a typical baseliner with best results coming from clay.He usually plays the best tennis ahead of the home crowd and we belive that he is capable to confirm this in San Remo´s opener. His opponent, Australian Nathan Healey, can be rated as a typical hardcourter with a good serve but he has enourmous problems with moving on slower surfaces. Even if he destroyed Vagnozzi on clay last week, we still consider him to be outsider in this match and Aldi´s odds above 1.8 can be worth considering.

Result: 6:0,5:7,6:4 - wager won

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