Analysis for Berdych-Youzhny (Munchen)

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Time 5th May 2007
Event Berdych-Youzhny (Munchen)
Tip 2
Office Pinnacle
Units 5
Odds 2.350
Result 0:2
Outcome 6.750

Head-to-head record 2:3

Our comments on this match are going to be brief. We will point out the most essential reasons for this pick. Youzhny has got much better YTD record, better actual form (we are aware of Berdych´s good result in Monte Carlo, but he advanced to the semifinals mainly thanks to the friendly draw), better head-to-head record, better mental condition, almost unbreakable serve and he is still consider to outsider of this battle? In our eyes, the current odds don´t reflect the reality. Odds above 1.7 are worth of taking here. We admit that Berdych is a top player with the variable style of play suited to all surfaces but Russian bomber should be the favourite in the upcoming match and we think that he will take his spot in the tomorrow´s final.

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