Analysis for Becker-Zimonjic (Munich)

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Time 1st May 2007
Event Becker-Zimonjic (Munich)
Tip 2
Office Pinnacle
Units 3
Odds 3.260
Result 2:0
Outcome -3.000

Head-to-head record 0:0

We have already said a lot about German Benjamin Becker. He is one of the worts clay-couters in the top 100 and we don´t consider him to be a favourite against Nenad Zimonjic, the Serbian qualifier. BeBe is simply totally inexperienced on this surface and we think that he is going to have a tough time today. This match will be played in Germany where Becker should by supported by the crowd, but in fact, we can say that United States are his home rather than Germany. He has spent the most of his carrer on US hard courts. Nenad Zimonjic should be capable to beat him on clay even if he is a double specialist and he plays single rarely.

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