Analysis for Murray not to win a Grand Slam in 2014 (Number Of Murray Slams)

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Time 25th Dec 2013
Event Murray not to win a Grand Slam in 2014 (Number Of Murray Slams)
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Office Willhill
Units 3
Odds 2.250
Result None
Outcome 3.750

Andy Murray will not have an easy season. He is a great player who is often described as a defensive counter-puncher. His greatest strengths include solid groundstrokes with low error rate, the uncanny ability to anticipate and react, and his transition from defense to offense with extraordinary speed which enables him to hit winners from defensive positions. Murray's tactics usually involve passive exchanges from the baseline, usually waiting for an unforced error. He is capable of injecting sudden pace to his groundstrokes to surprise his opponents who are used to the slow rally. One of his greatest strengths, however, is his first serve. However, he has been struggling with serious injury lately in 2013 and it will be interesting to watch his comeback. It will be almost impossible for him to win Australian Open. He always has a little or no chance at Roland Garros. The biggest chance will definitely come at Wmbledon (if he is fit). Well, Federer´s best years are gone but there will be younger hounds whi are already able to win a major (escpecially Del Potro and Berdych). Of course, you cannot forget Djokovic and Nadal who are both at least the same favourites as Murray. All together, it will be a tough season for him and we don´t think there should be such short odds on him to win a grandslam.

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