Analysis for Nadal-Djokovic (ATP Monte Carlo)

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Time 22th Apr 2012
Event Nadal-Djokovic (ATP Monte Carlo)
Tip Nadal
Office Unibet
Units 3
Odds 1.800
Result 2:0
Outcome 2.400

Head-to-head record 16:14

Rafael Nadal will fight Novak Djokovic in 2012 Monte Carlo finals. Djokovic has been playing unbelievably well last season but he has often been very lucky in crucial moments. To be honest, we don’t like him and we don’t like the way he behaves on court. He has had some problems against Dolgopolov and Berdych in previous rounds here and even if he has won 7 matches in a row against Nadal, we think that Spaniard has a better current form and should be a clear favourite here. Furthermore, Djokovic has had some personal problems lately and we think that Nadal should dominate on his favourite surface. He has been struggling lately but he always plays best tennis when it matters most and he is almost unbeatable on his beloved clay. In a long term, Nadal is more consistent player and we think his current form is good enough to finally beat his 2011 Nemesis. Anything above 1.7 is worth taking for us.

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