What is Tips-For-Betting?

We are the international group of backers. We provide our subscribers with the predictions for both ATP and WTA tennis matches. We have been offering our services since autumn 2006 and we have the overall yield surpassing incredible 20%. Our service is verified by independent authorities Secret Betting Club and Provebet. As our subscriber you will be receiving the notification of our picks via email and SMS for free. Our service is guaranteed!

Who stays behind TFB?

As mentioned above, we are the international group of bettors. We specialize in tennis matches (both ATP and WTA circuit). We currently have 7 members from 4 countries and we are trying to keep the close eye on the latest tennis news and to watch as many live matches as possible. We are also bettors who must stay informed as the information is the most important element in tennis betting. Some of us are traveling around the World and watching the tournaments (mainly European and American ones). We stay in touch with each other and discuss the possible pick every day during the tennis season.

What are your picks composed of?

Our picks consist of the following parts:

  • Name of the tournament.
  • Chosen match.
  • Player we predict to win this match.
  • Recommended bookie.
  • Number of points that we suggest to place on the bet (this reflects our trust in particular picks). We ask you to follow our recommendations closely in order to ensure the best possible ROI.
  • The picks are supplemented by detailed analyses.

How do you communicate your picks?

We send the notifications of picks out to our subscribers both by email and SMS (provided that subscriber has entered his mobile phone number in his profile). The overall statistics including the yield, volume of bets, net profit etc are published and regularly updated on www.tips-for-betting.com.

When do you send the picks out to your subscribers?

In some cases, we want to leave it close enough to the start of the match due to late news, injuries reports etc but on the other hand, we also want to give you enough time to place the bets. Our picks are usually being sent out to our subscribers at least 2 hours before the match starts but in most cases, all the picks are available in advance of several hours in dependance of when the appropriate prices are published by bookies. We are also waiting for the moment the involved liquidity is high enough at so that you the odds would not drop drastically.

Which bookmakers do you prefer?

Pinnaclesports is the most suitable bookmaker for the vast majority of our picks. We recommend to use 5dimes for handicap betting in tennis. Occasionally, we also use Expekt, Centrebet or Unibet.

See our prefered bookies.

Do I have any guarantees?

YES! We still keep on improving the level of our services and that is why we have introduced the guaranteed service for our long term subscribers.

See our price list.

Is your service verified?

YES! We are verified by the well known proofing services. For more details, please, see proofing at Secret Betting Club and Provebet.

How much do I have to pay?

  • 1 month for 25 EUR
  • 3 months for 65 EUR (guaranteed period)
  • 1 year for 250 EUR (guaranteed period)

See our price list.

How can I send you the funds?

There is the possibility to pay via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or checks. For details see our price list.

Can I request a refund?

Due to the nature of the service, we do not offer a refund under any circumstances. However, we want to satisfy all your needs so if there is the longer losing streak, we always consider all options in order to make it easier for you. Instead of refunds, we usually consider the different kinds of promotions. Also, the longer membership periods are guaranteed!

For details see our price list.

How much is 1 unit in money?

It depends on the individual risk approach our subscribers are having but in general, 10 units represent 1% of betting bank for us. In our staking plan we are using 1-10 units system but we usually stake 1-6 units per bet.

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